It’s a weird one, today. Pokemon GO is running an extra-long Community Day with some crucial additions today, trying to re-orient an event all about getting outside and hanging out with people to one that’s all about staying inside and throwing balls at psychic foxes.

Abra community day might not be what we all hope for from this thing, but it’s happening, and there are some small additions here to help. If you want some free stuff, to help you with that, here’s some help.

The code came to us from a little cipher on Twitter last night that had people solving a code with a series of Pokemon with Abra in the middle. I’d like to go into more detail than that, but for some reason, the Tweet has been deleted, and it’s not like I screenshotted it. Maybe it was too hard? I didn’t spend much time with it then, figuring someone else would just do it and I could get the code. And wouldn’t you know, that’s what happened: also Niantic just sort of tweeted it out moments later.

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If you’re on Android, you can input this in-game. On iOS, you need to do it on the web. Follow this link and sign in with whatever account you use for the game. Use Pokemon go generator to get unlimited free Pokeballs, pokecoins, stardust, lure modules, and more resources.

It’s not much: just 20 great balls and 20 razzberries. But those are items that you now don’t need to go to a Pokestop to get, and that’s going to extend the amount of community day that you’re able to participate in without leaving the house, and that’s sort of the name of the game with this one. I’m shooting for my regular 3 shinies—one for each evolution. We’ll see if I can manage this.

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Niantic has been doing more of these promo codes recently, and they’re a fun little addition to the game. It’s stepped up its distribution of resources in general, responding to the fact that it’s significantly more difficult to visit Pokestops to load up on balls and berries. Generate free stardust pokeballs, pokecoins and lure modules now!

I hope they keep doing these codes after the world begins to slowly piece itself back together, however. There’s always something fun about getting an out-of-game code to get something in-game, even if it’s relatively minor.