While most video games are left blissfully unchanged by the shelter in place orders now affecting billions of people worldwide, one, in particular, has had to scramble.

Pokemon GO’s real-world gameplay proposition is in direct conflict with coronavirus lockdowns, and developer Niantic Labs has been scrambling to re-orient its game ever since the virus began spreading worldwide.

Changes have included increasing gym radii, increasing Pokemon spawns, offering up cheap incense and Pokeballs, and more. Now we’ve got a nice little promo code for free pokecoins that can give us some premium items for when those tough-to-catch creatures show up.

Niantic shared the promo code on Twitter, where it also offered to become friends with people who can’t visit Pokestops and send them special gifts. You can see it at the bottom here:

Pokemon GO Promo Code For Free Golden Razzberries, Silver Pinaps And Pokeballs

Here’s that code again: EMRK2EZWLVSSZDC5

If you’re on Android, redeeming a code is easy: just paste it into Pokemon GO’s page on the play store. If you’re on iOS, you’ll need to sign in and redeem here.

Whatever your preferred platform, you’ll be getting four Golden Razzberries, four Silver Pinups, and eight Pokeballs. I’d recommend saving the Golden Razzberries and Silver Pinaps for the legendaries that show up in the GO Battle League. And add free Pokeball, pokecoins in pokemon go account.

That’s on top of the weekly cheap box that you can buy in the store, so maybe that’s enough in there to keep you at least engaged a little bit until we can play properly again.

I’ve fallen out a little bit, not doing much but completing the occasional task, keeping the phone in my pocket while working out and keeping streaks alive.

I was able to get some of the new Psychic-types during the event, but one weekend was not nearly long enough given the circumstances.

Niantic has said that there are more changes coming, like the ability to raid with friends remotely.

For now, we’re just sort of eking along. I’m still walking my Deino, and maybe I’ll get him evolved all the way by the time I can walk outside again. Ironically, this may be the only time in the history of the game that players outside of cities have a mild advantage because it’s much easier to get outside and walk. Read our Pokemon Go game Review.